San Francisco's Wholesale Flower Market

SF Flower Market 


The San Francisco Flower Mart has a "Badge" program sanctioned and regulated by the California State Board of Equalization. This program is designed to be a method of both identification and record keeping, mutually for the buyers and vendors within the Mart.When businesses and organizations make purchases in the San Francisco Flower Mart, during our regular wholesale hours, a San Francisco Flower Mart "Badge" is required. 

For Businesses interested in applying for a San Francisco Flower Mart Badge, you may do so by 1 of 2 ways:
​1.  You may apply in person, during Badge Office Hours.

2.  Print out the Badge Application Form and apply through the mail as outlined below, or you can request via email  that an application to be mailed to you. The fee for the 2021 San Francisco Flower Mart "Badge" is $110.00, each applicant will be issued ONE Badge, additional Badges may be purchased for $50.00 each.

​There are two (2) types of “Badges” differentiated by how your company handles the product you are purchasing in the Mart:
  • NON-TAXABLE BADGE: For businesses actively reselling product to a consumer and collecting sales tax on the product, you may apply for a "Non-Taxable Retailer's" Badge


  • TAXABLE BADGE: For businesses and organizations using the product for display and decorative purposes, not actively reselling the product, you may apply for a Taxable-Buyer's Badge.

  • BADGE RENEWAL: You are renewing a badge only if you have a year 2020 San Francisco Flower Mart Badge.  If you would like to renew and cannot find you Renewal Statement please contact us or 415.392.7944 x3