San Francisco's Wholesale Flower Market

SF Flower Market 


How is product priced at the San Francisco Flower Mart?
Pricing of product at the San Francisco Flower Mart is contingent on supply and demand. This means that different variables play a role in pricing such as: the time of the year, the type of product, the color, the quantity, etc.

Who qualifies for a “Badge”? 
A “Badge" is required for businesses and organizations that will be purchasing product at the San Francisco Flower Mart, during our regular wholesale hours, for use within their business whether it is for resale or not for resale.

What is the cost of a “Badge”? 
The cost is $110.00 for one (1) Badge, which allow you to enter and park in our parking lot.  The entrance to the parking lot is on 6th Street.

How do I apply for a “Badge”? 
The Badge office is located at 640 Brannan Street inside the San Francisco Flower Mart.  Your Badge will be issued to you at the time of application.

How long is the “Badge” valid for? 
Badges are issued on a calendar year basis.  When you purchase a Badge it will be valid until the end of the calendar year.  Badge renewal runs from November 1st through the end of February, you have four (4) months to renew your Badge.

Does the San Francisco Flower Mart "Badge" entitle the buyer to a discount?
A “Badge” does not determine how product is priced. The San Francisco Flower Mart Badge system simply tells our vendors how to handle the State sales tax. A "Badge" allows Badge-holders access to the San Francisco Flower Mart during wholesale hours.

How many vendors are located in the San Francisco Flower Mart? 
The Mart contains over 45+ individual vendors specializing in all your floral needs.

What products do the vendors sell at the San Francisco Flower Mart? 
You will find cut flowers, greens, foliage plants, blooming plants, silk product and all floral supplies.

What form of payment do the vendors accept? 
Most vendors in the Mart accept cash, check or credit cards for payment.

If I’m buying for a personal event (weddings, parties, etc.) may I come in before 8:00 am?
The San Francisco Flower Mart does not open its doors to the public until 8:00 am. We cannot allow individuals access to the Mart until after our trade business hours.

Can a business outside the state of California qualify for a Badge? 
The San Francisco Flower Mart Badge system is designed for businesses operating inside the State of California, therefore, we do not issue Badges to businesses outside of our State. If your business is licensed and operating outside the State of California, you may contact our vendors who ship directly, and make alternative purchasing arrangements with them.

If I don’t have a “Badge” what time can I shop in the Mart?
The San Francisco Flower Mart is open to the public from 8:00am - 1:00pm Wednesday through Saturday.


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